Journey to Excellence
Encounter Jesus and Experience Excellence


IN THE 1990s as Adventist educators faced the dawn of a new century, an initiative to encourage innovative change in educational practice was launched. The result was a report titled Focus on Adventist Curriculum in the 21st Century (FACT-21). The report was intended to spur improvements beginning in academies to ensure viability for the new century. FACT-21 affirmed the core purpose and philosophy of Adventist education and promoted change in areas of preferred practice.

Recognizing the imperative to honor God’s redemptive ideal for Adventist education across all grades, and to utilize updated and current best practices, Journey to Excellence was created in the early 2000s. The title reflected the adoption of a model of continuous and strategic change characterized by excellence in all that impacts student learning. Journey to Excellence affirmed the sacred purpose for Adventist education and proposed strategic plans and sound practices in preferred areas of change.

Journey to Excellence 2.0 seeks to engage Adventist educators in an ongoing journey of continuous improvement and elicit an enduring commitment to growth. With the development and adoption of standards for learning and leading, Journey to Excellence 2.0 now proposes a framework to guide and facilitate continuous improvement. It strives to equip and empower educators for an enriching experience of innovative change characterized by excellence. Journey to Excellence 2.0 transitions from what should be done to how it can be achieved. Rather than identifying areas of preferred practices that should be improved, Journey to Excellence 2.0 provides practical strategies to continually improve Adventist education.


Journey to Excellence Taskforce, 2020

Betty Bayer (SDACC) and Dennis Plubell (NPUC)
Joe Allison (MAUC), Marlene Alverez (AUC), Rick Bianco (CUC), H. Stephen Bralley (NAD), Emily Gibbs (LUC), Buford Griffith (SWUC), Keith Hallam (SUC), Arne Nielsen (NAD), Iveth Valenzuela (PUC)